CityCampAZ Recap

It was a good day for Arizona government.  We had council members and staff from several cities.  They came from as far as Tucson and Avondale to participate.  We had citizens and students.  Together they sat and they discussed sessions that were important to them as part of an Open Space CityCamp.  A sampling of the sessions:

  • What OpenSource API is right for you?
  • Why is the urban forest important?
  • Is there such thing as “TMI”?
  • “One Click” to information
  • Opening transit data
  • How do we get more citizens involved?
  • What do we want our cities to be?
  • Building community through community gardens
  • Making the legislative process open and accessible
  • City mobile development (Common needs, collaboration, etc)
  • What do residents want from a city website?
  • How do we make government less boring?
  • Data governance for public exposure
  • What data does the public want to have access to from the state/government?
  • Fostering and enabling an app/dev community
  • Welcome to the 21st century
  • Apps for Arizona
  • What attracts people to a place?
  • What happens next?


We are looking to do more CityCamp’s throughout the state.  There is already discussion underway about doing something in Tucson this fall.  Let’s keep the dialog alive.

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